• Current Lake Level
  • Spill into Stump Lake
  • 1446.50 ft
  • Spill into Sheyenne River
  • 1458.00 ft

 Devils Lake Decision Support System

DLDSS is a support system for the Devils Lake Basin which is a sub-basin in the Red River of the North River Basin. At an elevation of about 1,446.5 feet above sea level, Devils Lake begins to spill into Stump Lake; and at an elevation of about 1,458 feet above sea level, the combined lakes begin to spill into the Sheyenne River. Since the end of the last glaciations, about 10,000 years ago, Devils Lake has fluctuated between spilling and being dry. Recent conditions indicate the lake is in a rising phase. The lake rose 24.7 feet from February 1993 to August 1999, and flood damages in the Devils Lake Basin have exceeded $300 million in that time. See Overview for more information. (Courtesy of USGS)

 Weather Forecasts

7-Day Forecast

 Stream and Lake Conditions

Devils Lake Elevation at Creel Bay from AHPS              

              Down Stream Gauge at East Stump Lake